Legal Assistance

Additional Information

It is a "generally descriptive" phrase meant to encompass an entire category of services available to support the legal professions. Attornies-Legal Secretaries-Legal Assistants-legal interns-court stenographers-ANY business which is of assistance in supporting the legal community and/or the community at large.

The policy's definition of legal services is intended to cover what most attorneys do in the modern practice of law and includes services provided as the following, subject to the specific provisions of the policy: An attorney or notary public. An arbitrator or mediator. A title insurance agent.

  • An attorney or notary public
  • An arbitrator or mediator
  • A title insurance agent
  • A government affairs lobbyist or advisor
  • An administrator, conservator, executor, guardian, trustee, receiver, or in any similar court appointed fiduciary capacity (see policy particulars)
  • An author of legal research papers, including CLE, where remuneration is less that or equal to $25,000
  • As a member of a bar association or other legal or attorney related ethics, peer review, accreditation, licensing or similar board, committee or organization.